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Windows Store Updates Not Working


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I just noticed today that I haven't seen any app updates from the Windows Store in at least a couple of months. I know that the store isn't particularly active, but I used to see fairly regular updates to the apps that I do have from there.

I was unable to find any way to manually trigger a check for updates in the store, so I did a wsreset, but that didn't fix anything. I'm still not seeing any updates.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what else I might do or check to resolve this issue?

Thanks for any help that you can provide!
Um, sorry, but never mind. I finally remembered to look at the settings charm while in the Windows Store app to check on settings. Somewhere along the line, it got switched to automatically apply updates without my knowing about it. It also has a button there to manually check for updates, so all is well.

I guess I'm just too used to having settings be related to the Control Panel rather than for each app. <Sigh>