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Solved Windows Store, Windows Updates not working


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Is the Windows Store down for anyone else? For the past week, every time I tap the Windows Store tile, I get the green splash screen, but then the circle with the dots just keeps spinning indefinitely. The same thing happens if I try to look for updates to Windows via the charms menu. So, I can't install any updates nor can I download any apps from the store. What is going on?!!!


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make sure you time and date is correct, sometimes that has to do with not being able to connect... the store is working for me no problems


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Update: After spending hours pouring through Windows forums and trying various fixes, I did a clean boot by disabling all non-microsoft services (from the msconfig window). In the clean boot environment I was able to install 38 updates and access the Windows store. After rebooting again in the normal mode, everything was back to normal, working perfectly. Some unknown service might have been interfering and causing problems.

Why is it so difficult to just use the Surface? It seems that I spend more time looking for fixes than doing actual work on the thing! Is it the Surface or just Windows 8.1 in general? Hmmm....