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Solved windows update not working?

Hi there my surface has been fine since I got it not a problem

Until I tried seeing if there was any new updates

I done what I usually do from my home screen

Press the cog button for settings then go to update and recovery

When I click the windows update tab were the info used to come up telling me if update is required etc it just keeps the loading symbol and nothing happens

Has any 1 else has this problem


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At times, it can take a while. Try waiting longer. Unless you're very low on free storage, it should eventually start the update process.


This is my suggestion. First switch your device off. Wait a minute or so and switch it back on. Once it has started go to the windows desktop. Right click on the windows logo on the extreme left bottom of the screen. Select control panel and then windows update. When the windows update screen appears click on check for updates and see what happens. Once the update process has started just let it run until it finishes. Sometimes it can take a while so just be patient.


I can run windows update using the windows control panel , but I update using like the metro side of the surface if that makes sense


This can be set as resolved now seems surface sorted it self out in a few days , that's my surface back to no issues since bought it , love mine great little machine
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