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08/12 Firmware Update


Has anyone else had issues with this firmware update? It put my SP3 into a loop of telling me there was a problem and trying to restore. It was fixed with a 2 button restart, but its a bit concerning. Also does anyone have any idea what this update includes?

Update: Even after 4 restarts this updates shows as "Pending restart from installation"


I am installing update now. Will let you know how it goes.

I like the new touch pad options.

Would love to see an option to keep Caps from turning on/off unless Caps key is pressed for 0.5 seconds (or whatever user defined time frame). I find on the type cover I am accidentally hitting Caps all the time.

EDIT: Update went fine. Only took about 15 seconds to install on the restart. Then restarted again and right to lock screen.
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