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Windows vs iPad Baseball Commercial


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The one thing i wish ms would do when they advertise is not show the tablet with those ugly ass start screen backgrounds. They always seem to pick the worst one to show.


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Great advert! But yet another one that won't reach the UK... still absolutely no advertising for it over here, not even the terrible dance one!


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I love these comparison ads, especially the funny ones Microsoft runs for non-Surface tablets. Much better than Apple's "I'm a Mac - I'm a PC" campaign.
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I like these ads as a sidedish, however sometimes I want some real meat showing just the product and what it can do. This one is better than the others.

I just have to wonder where this mythical place is that has constant connection?!?!?


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Well I am frankly quite concerned.

How does MS hope to sell tablets by showing people actually using them to do real work as opposed to 20-something hipsters breakdancing with them? There wasn't a single decent kickstand thump in that whole commercial. Fail!

More of this please!

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