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No sound on external monitor - please help


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Since upgrading to Windows 10, audio isn't passed to my external monitor anymore. Previously I have had connected the SP3 via a docking station to my TV and used Netflix. Now nothing works. Even Groove doesn't play any sound on my external monitor. I am using a standard mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

On windows 8.1 everything worked fine. I have checked by connecting the cable directly to my SP3. No change, still no sound there.


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Have you tried manually changing the audio playback device? It doesn't always do this automatically.


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Yes, I did. The thing is, Windows shows the external monitor as output device, if connected. Therefore I don't hear anything. If I switch that, to my SP3, the sound is there. Even when you look onto the volume mixer, Windows shows 100% volume setting for the external monitor and the volume indicator is moving too. Everything seems OK. However, as I wrote the first post, I got a message, that the display driver has an error. Afterwards, I wasn't able to use the touchscreen. Restarting the device helped at least to get the touchscreen working,however the audio output still doesn't work as it did on Windows 8.1


try turning off the "let software take control" thing. i had it happen a few times for me. have no seen it sence. and yes i could not change volume before... i can now

right click on volume "playback devices" should be cnxt i think. then advanced then exclusive mode thing

it gets odd you have to be using the cnxt before you can change that setting i think.

wait does it might not use the cnxt.. but you should get the idea
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Thank You both for your support guys!

However, I have done a complete reset of Windows 10 and now it works like a charm.
The only bad thing is, that now I have to reinstall the software (Office and VS 2015) again, but that is OK for me.


ohh man i was trying to stop the reset thing... but ya sounds like it was doing the same thing for you as me


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I had this issue once and found doing a reset of Windows 10 solved it. However it stopped working again when I installed Hyper-V. Uninstalling Hyper-V made it work again.
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