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Won Twitter #RemixProject Promotion?


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I entered to win a Surface 2 for the #RemixProject via Twitter. Yesterday, I received a DM from @surface on Twitter saying the following:

You are a potential winner in the #Surface #RemixProject! Click link w/in 5 days to provide your shipping information -link removed-

I clicked on the link (that has been removed) and the page said I had won a prize and to enter in my shipping information. I did so and the page said to wait 8 - 10 weeks to receive my prize.

I tried multiple times asking @surface to verify if I won or not, but each time they seemed as if they were beating around the bush.

Has anyone else "won" or "potentially won" via Twitter? Does anyone know if I won? Or if I potentially won? I received no e-mail confirmation or anything else and cannot refill the form out.

Thank you so much!


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Uh, well, we have a member who says he won, but... turns out he's not qualified, though he may or may not still be able to get it. A bit of a mess. I bet several of their winner slots are being tied up for similar reasons and are thus in a state of flux.


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Hi Aaron I'm the poster of the other thread. As stated I also received this message and have been trying to claim, although as I'm not in America they won't let me have it through normal methods. I have a found a friend that might be able to receive it for me...

It's certainly strange that @Surface isn't replying to people about this promotion. But if you search for the hash tag you'll see lots of people where you can read their conversations with the Twitter account and they more or less confirm that the prize has been won. Of course, if there was only one winner (which is hinted towards on the Remix Project website) I wouldn't believe it. But if you read the PDF rules page, you'll see there are in fact 500 Surface 2's to be won.

Please update this thread, or mine if you get anymore information, and I will too. Good luck!