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Worth it or not


It depends heavily on your use. My SP2 is a 128, but it is not my main PC. It's going to be used for school, and my powerful desktop will be in my room. I can collaborate between the two easily, so most of my stuff is on my main PC. I have games loaded onto my SP2 (most of them on a portable HDD) and it runs them just fine with 4 GB of RAM (BF4 included). The system can manage itself very well, but if you're doing something very RAM intensive, 4 GB could be a problem.

I plan on having my SP2 accompany me on a deployment soon, where it will be my main PC. But that's also why I picked up a USB hub and the 2 TB WD drive for games and movies.


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In all honesty, I have the 128 with a microSD card hardly in use. I use Copy (copy.com) storage, just like Dropbox, but it allows me to select folders to sync and not sync. So I have about 100GB of space on my Copy.com account, but I only sync about 30-40GB (documents and important pictures), and I can always update files and upload them and then stop syncing them.

If I need extra physical space with me, I'd carry a small portabile SSD drive (not an HDD with moving parts). For me, 128 is more than enough. I have a MicroSD card for videos. All my data is synced down from the cloud, and big things aren't synced down unless I need them.