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Would the Surface Pro or Surface be good for my needs, and what model would you recommend?


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Long story short, I'm looking for a device that can fill a few rather unique requirements which conflict each other to a certain extent.

First, it needs to work well as an entertainment device.

Secondly, it would need to be good for both high school work (writing essays, typing, reaseraching) and college work (notes, essays, annotating).

Thirdly, it would need to be able to run some engines and such (mainly Unity and Unreal Engine 4)

Lastly, it would need to be good for typing and writing stories on.

I also wouldn't mind if it recorded sound pretty well or had an application to make sheet music on or anything a guitarist might like.

Also if you could recommend a particular model or configuration, that would be nice.

P.S. I think there may have been a forum glitch or something, this thread has copies of itself with the title that I just changed.


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Welcome to the forum, duplicate threads removed.

You have pretty broad usage in mind so Id say generally you should consider at least an i5 8gb RAM 256GB storage and perhaps an i7 although Unreal has pretty high recommended requirements (quad core cpu) perhaps it depends on what your developing the. Unity seems to be a littler lighter. I have not used either so I cant really say for sure other than the posted requirements.

Given your stated long term usage Id think you would want the newest platform for support of the most/latest graphics standards. However, if you thinking of 5 years or longer you probably should consider doing an upgrade sometime in there if your going to continue to stay competitive with high end requirements. As far as writing, researching etc. pretty much anything will do that's not laggy. ;)


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You really want to get something comfortable for typing since you talk about doing alot of writing. You might want to look at the Surface book. Although the Surface Pro 4 keyboard is better than the Pro 3.