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yes, another pen pointer calibration question

I remember reading about how the SP2 pen detection was supposed to be better in SP2. But after comparing it to SP1, it seems my pen detection is still just as far off in the corners as my SP1.
Anybody found a way to get it so in the top left corner its not over 1/8th of a in away from the corner with the + already in the corner? Really annoying when trying to touch the menu bars on some windows screens. I tried using the calibration but that seemed to make is worse. Also doesn't help that I think the part in the pen that is detected by the screen is not at the tip of the pen. If you hold the pen at a slight angle as you would hold a pen, the + on the screen will be even more off.


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I certainly know what you're talking about and I feel your pain!

I also agree with the calibration utility not helping, either. My expectations were that once I ran that utility, based on where I clicked the pen, it would adjust, accordingly. But based on my experiences, it certainly isn't the case and I have no faith in the calibration utility. :(

But here's what I have done to fix the problem: I run the calibration utility, which does not solve the problem; then, I close and re-open the calibration utility, but this time I click the "Reset" button. For whatever reason, this sequence of events works for me and the pen touch is accurate again. Mind you, sometimes it takes doing this 2 or 3 times, but it is what has worked for me.

Try it and I hope it works for you.

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I am having problems mainly in Photoshop Elements 10. The cursor on screen is miles out, not even close to where the pen is. Trying reset, reboot etc!

EDIT: Reboot worked, panic over! It was about 3 inches out before so worth panicking about!
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Well so far I tried the calibration about 5 times. It seems to be off only in the top right and left corners. The bottom left and right is ok enough. The wacom people who have similar issues on their drawing pads don't get bothered much because its not on the screen but like a touch pad so you don't see how far off it is.


Ah! I think that's the one I found for when I had the sp1. I'll give a try when I get home. Btw, did it help you? How close does the pointer get for you in the top right and left corners? Maybe I'm being too picky.


aww bummer. I installed the Wacom driver which overrides the windows one, which is the one we are trying her. That's why it doesn't work for me. In the linked post above, someone said Wacom is aware and will try to have it fixed in a future update before the end of the year. oh well. At least now I wont let it bug me for now.


That thread on XDA with 273 points helped my pen get spot on for most of the screen. Corners can't be helped in some spots. Using stock drivers...

Can't find the place to edit the registry to reset it though. I ran it over an existing calibration I did with about 50 points and it seems to have saved.
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