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Yoursearch.com problem


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OK guys and gals. I need some input. I have a surface pro that for some inexplicable reason did not prompt my spouse when the trail version of the security software was expiring. In the mean time yoursearch.com got into the system and locked the bit locker. I have recovered the bit locker key and TPM key, but the system will not allow me to input the bit locker key.

I created a bootable USB with programs I could use to try and access the data, but can't get the USB to boot on start up. I'm apparently not good enough with windows 10's new bio's to the boot sequence. It only gives me (Network-USB-SSD) and (SSD only) options and when I have the network turned off, it still won't boot from the USB. It just keeps taking me back to the bogus product key entry screen with that ransomware phone number to call.

I took it to the Geek squad yesterday and they just basically said they couldn't do anymore than I am doing. Kind pitifull since I'm a 55 year old novice with no tech background. lol

I find it hard to believe there is not some way to do a work around or crack the bitlocker, but then again I'm just a novice.

Anybody out there have any suggestions....other than your screwed. lol




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If a novice or even not so novice could crack bitlocker there'd be no point. :)

Now I'm going to check on what yoursearch dot com is... I'll be back ;)


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Best I can tell from a quick search yoursearch or yoursearches dot something me or com or whatever is just a browser hijacker. That means uninstalling it and or restoring browser defaults should disable it.

Not sure how you got to the point of needing bitlocker keys ... would need more details about exactly what you did and the steps taken. it's possible you have ransomeware in addition to the browser hijack or you possibly shot yourself in the foot. spill as much detail as you can.

Alternatively you could wipe the drive and start over with USB Recovery if we are checkmated.

Edit... I reread you're initial post ... more thoroughly ... so it does in deed seem you got the ransomeware. I've not been down this road yet myself but I've read that some security firms have keys for certain types of ransomeware. If there's a name or phone number then try searching on that to see if you get a hit for unlocking it. I've also heard many are paying... this is of course the reason it's becoming prevalent.
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