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Surface Pro stuck on surface screen


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So I decided to get a surface pro 4 over another iPad and I'm regretting it. I really thought the extra laptop capabilities would be ideal but so far I've not even had the laptop on.

It only a few months old, so still in warranty thank god. The guy had obvious started a full reset, when I went to open it up it had got stuck on 64% and just keeps flashing to the surface screen.

Spoke to Microsoft who said it needs to recover from a USB, I don't the download made the USB, still that didn't work. Every time I speak to Microsoft they tell me to do something I've done and they end the chat saying I'm glad I resolved this for you first time.

So I tried another option which got me to the bit locker section.....I found the drive password on the command prompt but no bit locker key. I can't unlock the drives, I can't install from USB. I can't restore from command prompt or anywhere.

Do I have any other options but to post it back to Microsoft? How long does a replacement take?

Thanks guys hope I get this resolved not a great start I heard good things about the machines but this is a joke.


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So, you bought a second hand device, it doesn't work (as expected) and now the device is a joke and Microsoft is to blame?
Why don't you go back to the guy who sold it to you and get your money back?