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Swapping my SP4 hard drive over to a working SP4 -- any issues foreseen?


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My SP4 will not power on and the shop I had diagnose it said it would cost more to fix it than to replace it. The only problem is... my hard drive is bit-locked (even though I never signed off on that or intentionally set up my SP4 for that security measure -- Microsoft apparently does it by default. So since I never set this up and have never had to type in a bit-locker key... I am completely hosed in this situation because now that I have removed my hard drive from my non-working SP4... and try to pull my data off of it onto my home computer (via USB adapter)... it asks me for that key every time. So my thinking is that if I swap this bit-locked hard drive over to a working SP4... it will boot right up and I will have access to everything. Is this correct? Does anyone know another way around this? Thanks.