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YouTube RT app crashes while swiping to scroll through subscriptions..


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Anyone else have this problem?

YouTube RT app crashes while swiping to scroll through subscriptions..

I really like this app..


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Just tried the trial and not seeing any issue. Will keep playing around and see if I run into the same issue. How many subscriptions do you have that you are trying to scroll through? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?


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is there any real point in this app? Youtube on IE is just as good isn't it?
I really like the way it formats/organizes and provides info about my subscription videos..

When I'm sitting on my couch I like the way you can swipe through everything without the keyboard. When I'm sitting at my computer with no touch screen I use IE 10

at this point the app crashes. I sent an email to the developer and he responded in less than an hour. I hope he can fix the issues.

It's like anything.. I personally like the look and feel....


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Same here with my PC. Response time of the developer was really quick. I thin we'll see some fast bugfixing and some nice new features in the future.
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