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People Hub Crashes


I haven't been able to get and answer from answers.microsoft.com so I'm hoping to find a resolution here.

Frequently, (not always) the people hub on my Windows RT, Surface RT will fail to refresh. If I manually refresh (swipe up from bottom - touch Refresh) the app locks up and then restarts. Once it restarts it works fine. This seems to happen if I go to the app shortly after I wake it up from sleep. It rarely happens when the app first starts.

I've removed and reinstalled the app. I've reset my system to factory defaults. The problem persists.

Does anyone have a solution? Is there someplace I can look to see what caused the crash? Is there some other place I should look for help?

Thank you,
I have the same issue with my RT too. So you're not the only one. No fix yet, but hope there I one because I really like the People Hub.