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Zune music pass question, also, hope I can do basic photo and movie editing


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I downloaded the Zune software and I cannot play my rented music (drm files) on it. I am a paid subscriber and am within the three computer limit. Maybe it is not needed as it seems like I can play my drm file music just fine using the music icon on my home page. So I can probably delete the Zune software if I can simply put my many songs with drm files on the skydrive and build my own playlists from the already installed music app. Since I am a paid subscriber is there any way to play the music offline? I may have to contact Zune support for these questions but am hoping someone has some experience with Zune and owns the SP2.

I am liking my SP2 more and more, but hope I am not expecting too much. I am an Adobe creative cloud subscriber so I am hoping there is enough power in the SP2 to do basic editing on raw files. I would also like to at least view movies and maybe do simple tasks like trimming with the SP2, I can do more complex editing on my i7 Lenovo W530 laptop. I am hoping for short trips I can leave the laptop at home. I do love the fact the SP2 as a usb port for easily transferring photos.