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Artist Information in Xbox Music App


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Hey guys,

I've posted on other forums and scoured the internet for answers to this problem and have yet to uncover anything.

Everything considered, the Xbox music app is a legitimate spotify/pandora alternative, and a terrible music management/playback application. However, I'd like to bear with it and see if microsoft can recover from this debacle and learn from the successes of zune (which I loved) and turn this into both a legitimate music streaming service as well as a serviceable playback application.

Anyways, to the specific problem I'm having...

I imported numerous audio files which I had organized on my computer onto my surface using my homegroup. All the files have the correct information (author, album, etc.) but for some reason, some files have been changed by the xbox music app and now they have incorrect artist information.

Despite the correct information in the file itself, I cannot find a way to manually edit the artist information within the app as I could do with Zune.

I highly doubt this, but has anyone found a workaround to this problem? I have installed Multimedia 8, but I do not wish to use that application long term.

All in all, I absolutely love my surface tablet, this is the only serious hiccup I have found thus far.
Terrible is the word of the day :D

Firstly, I don't have a problem with any of my artist information, in fact some even came from an iPod I recently bought :D Secondly, some of those files have the wrong tags, such as inconsistent genre, i.e., JPop, J-pop. I used the File Manager to change their properties. Problem solved.

Is that ok with you?
This has fixed my problem; however, the issue is that not only is this a roundabout solution, but it is also indicative of the applications poor music management.

Here's why I didn't catch this...

One band that was improperly categorized was Erra. I own three albums from this group, two of which were listed under Erra while a third was placed under California Guitar Trio (who I have never heard of).

So obviously, when I was looking through my library after importing songs, It took me quite awhile to locate the missing album.

When I first checked the properties, I only checked the artist information (which had all listed as Erra). However, after seeing your comment, I noticed the third album's genre was listed as Rock whereas the other two were listed as Hardcore/Metal.

With no simple solution available within the application (like there was in zune), a problem that could have been corrected in a matter of seconds required hours of online research and fiddling with my device. This will dissuade potential consumers who may be less tech-savvy.

Thank you, however, for your help as it has helped me get past this bump in the road. For the sake of this device, however, I truly hope Microsoft addresses the concerns regrading the application's shortcomings regarding music management and playback.