i3 Surface Pro 3 w/ folio cover question(s).

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by capt_aubery, Apr 19, 2015.

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    So, I decided to pull the trigger on the i3 version of the Surface Pro 3. I plan on using it strictly for tablet use, so I will not be using the TypeCover. Instead, I plan on using a folio case/cover. My question is: If I am using a folio case/cover, will it go to sleep when I close the cover? Does that depend on the case, or is that something with the SP3?

    One a side note, for those of you who mainly use their SP3 for a tablet (and those who use it for laptop purposes), do you normally shut it down or do you put it to sleep when you are not using it?

    Thank you in advance for any and all responses!
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    This is purely a guess, but i think that the device automatically sleeps only with the typecover. I think there is some wizzadry in the magnetic section where it connects to the surface that tells the surface when it is shut or it has been folded backwards etc. I may very well be wrong but i don't think it's the standard method most tablets use of just having a magnet in the top of the cover.

    As to turning off or sleeping. Do whatever you like. If i'm just walking for 10 minutes and know i'll be using it again, then i'll just let it sleep, while if i'm about to travel an hour on a train then i see no reason not to just shut it down. There have been many instances with many members where the device has been powered on in their bag either through an accidental press of the power button, or because there is some software running that is preventing connected standby. If you read around you'll see that MS still have a way to go in perfecting connected standby (sleep) on the surface pro 3. A lot of little bugs here and there.
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    I've tried many folio cases and I've found they add to much bulk and weight, I use a Decal to protect the back. For your other question, I always use sleep.... the device sleeps automatically after 3 minutes... cover or no cover....

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