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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro' started by Jesse Segovia, Jan 20, 2016.

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    Some of you may remember I had a big 15" Dell notebook and an Apple iPad I wanted to replace with just one unit. I bought the Surface Book which I loved but as a full-time business laptop I realized the screen and the keyboard were both too small for me (just my own personal preference) and besides, I started having some serious technical problems with the device so I took it back. I decided I was going to stick with a traditional 15" laptop and I started looking for a unit with 16 GB of RAM and an i7 processor.

    At the same time I realized I enjoyed the Windows tablet experience as much if not more than I had the iPad experience, mostly because I could actually do Windows work (Office 365, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, etc.) on the Surface, so I got the Surface Pro 3 i3 unit for $599.99. But I realized I missed that gorgeous screen on the Surface Book - it really made a big difference to me especially when working or watching videos with the unit close to my face. Plus, I again experienced some technical problems with the SP3 and so I didn't feel too guilty returning it in favor of the m3 Surface Pro 4.

    That was a very nice unit as well, but guess what? More technical problems, and at the same time I realized the RAM and processor on this machine were probably not going to support as much actual business processing as I'd like. As I've posted here before I am beginning to do more image and video editing as part of expanded web design work, so I finally decided to sort of stick with my original plan of killing two birds with one stone, and so I returned the m3 SP4 for the 16GB, i7 SP4 with 512 GB SSD. This will be my sole PC. I've purchased the Microsoft Bluetooth Designer keyboard and mouse (great keyboard but why isn't it backlit???) and I'm in the market for a big external monitor - the SP4 has a great display but for detailed computing work, at my age (54) I just need a bigger screen.

    I've decided to stick with this one. So far I'm having piddling issues, most of which are fixed by restarting the machine. But even if I have to return it, it will be for another similarly configured SP4. This is my last computer for at least a couple of years.

    Awesome machine! Consider me a fan - great job, Microsoft!

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