On screen keyboard in desktop mode

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Forum' started by mrschwarz, Nov 16, 2014.

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    I tried searching, but gave up. When I type 'on screen keyboard', I get every post than contains a word with 'on' in it.

    Anyway, here's my question. I like the metro interface. Using IE11 would be great except that there are many pages that don't work with touch. In addition, Microsoft's decision to not allow plug-ins essentially removes it from contention as a usable browser for me. Since no one else has a browser that works in metro, I'm stuck in the desktop.

    I would like to use my Surface without the keyboard cover, but the stock implementation doesn't work for me. I want the keyboard to open whenever I put the cursor into a text box. When I exit the text box, I want the keyboard to close (just like in metro). I would like automatic spell correct (just like metro).

    Is there an app I can install that will do this? Are there settings that I can change to make this the default behavior?
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    Doesn't work in Windows 8.x but will in Windows 10....

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