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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by Uwe Manner, Sep 1, 2014.

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    Greetings SP3 Community,

    i've been looking out for a great device helping me out to get through university. After comparison of a lot of ultrabooks, mac books (air) and some other stuff i've come to the conclusion that the surface pro 3 is probably the best device for my specific needs.

    Due to the fact that i'm probably using this device dall day long and the fact that i'm afraid of damaging/breaking it during this hard usage i'm very interested in the extended warrenty "Microsoft Complete".

    Now i've got some questions about this extended warrenty.

    The warrenty itself lasts 2 years and costs about 150€. The very interesting part is the cover of accidental damage. I can imagine dropping the device or spilling water over it during all the time i have to use it.

    1.If my device is damaged/broken, will i get a brand-new device or are they going to repair it?

    2.What if my device is totally broken and can't properly be repaired? What if you are going to destroy it yourself (to make sure they can't just repair it)?

    3.Can you force a situation where they actually HAVE to replace it? And again...if this happens, am i going to get a brand new one, or maybe a refurbished one?

    4.I would also like to know what to expect from a refurbished device. Are they equally good as a brand new one (besides minor scratches)? Or do i have to expect some huge scratches and even worse software/hardware issues?

    5.Are you going to get a replacement if your battery is getting really worse over the time?

    6. Is the type-cover covered as well?

    You may ask yourself why i have all this crazy questions...I DON'T INTEND to damage my device with purpose at all, but if i'm totally covered i'm not forced to be afraid of any damage all the time (as i am usually while handeling a expensive device). I'm just curious if i can buy this extended warrenty and use my device without over-protection (i think the experience without any display-protection etc is way better...) and the fear of damaging it due to the lack of awareness (which can occur in a long period of time, even if you are pretty careful).

    The questions also relate to the problems of breaking the screen while holding the device at the point where the camera is placed and some other issues i've read about in this forum. I just don't want to worry about all this stuff all the time...

    I would really appreciate if you can help me out with my concerns! I also want to apologies for any kind of spelling mistakes etc. I'm not native-english.

    best regards

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    How about reading the ToS of Complete?
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