SP3 Win10 - Connected Standby Not Working

Discussion in 'Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3' started by TravFlex, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    Upgraded my SP3 from Win8.1 to Win 10. Now Connected Standby does not seem to work anymore.

    I get no notification when e-mails arrive if the SP3 is asleep, Skype calls are not coming through, etc.

    Hyper-V is not on.

    This worked very well on Win8.1 but I think it was with the 'Modern' apps for Mail and Modern Skype, etc. Which don't seem to be in the store anymore.

    powercfg /a says following sleep states are available:
    - Standby (S0 Low Power Idle) Network Connected << This must be the one I want right?
    - Hibernate
    - Fast Startup

    Following Sleepstates not supported:
    - S1
    - S3
    Hybrid Sleep

    What am I doing wrong here? When the machine is sleeping i'd like to get notifications if e-mails arrive and ring on incoming skype calls.
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    I have a worse issue: it won't sleep even and sucks the battery dry. I have posted logs. Looks like the USB controller

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