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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by tehJUGZ, Mar 26, 2016.

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    don't you think its good to have a special windows 10 version for surface? i mean windows 10 specially made for surface, no other stuff included like tried and tested drivers that is made for surface. Microsoft made surface and windows so why not make it 100% made specially for surface.

    im saying this because i have a surface pro 2 and when i installed/updated to windows 10(updated twice and went back to 8.1...twice hoping updates have fixed the problems), there are problems such as bad utilization at idle, high CPU(30% compared to 0-4% on 8.1). when i remove the touch/power keyboard, CPU spikes up. mail app notifications not also show up on action center, i also get BSOD (driver_power_state_failure) if you turn the device ON only when docked to the docking station. also while connected to the docking station the wifi does not work at full speed(ping my router when docked is 8ms to 2000ms sometimes event time-out but when i undocked, returns to stable 1ms ping). i did have updates installed. though have not tried doing a clean install(if anyone has tried this, it would be nice if you share your experience).

    I really like windows 10, virtual desktops, better palm rejection when using pen(only blocks the handedness side of the screen), good remote desktop performance, more touch friendly UI(large context menu even not scaled), etc.

    it would be nice if everything works out of the box. no need to tweak stuff just to make things work.
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    It would be good except they would get accused of deflating the ball for unfair advantage. ;)
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    Surface Book
    There is no special version of Windows 10 for the Surface. The Surface 4 Pro and Book were designed to take advantage of the new features of Windows 10.

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