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  1. C

    Choppy bluetooth audio with the lid closed on Surface Laptop 3

    I use a Surface Dock to connect my Surface Laptop 3 (15"; i7) to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I have an upright aluminum stand that holds my laptop in the closed position. I used this setup before with my Surface Pro 4 and it worked great. With the laptop, however, the Bluetooth is...
  2. M

    Sound when streaming

    I have a SurfacePro 6 and would like to stream from the display output to my TV. I have a minidisplay to HDMI adapter and can then run an HDMI cable into the TV. This works fine but I get no audio from the TV! When I just use the Surface with an external speaker (USB), the sound comes through...
  3. D

    External microphone for Surface Go

    My aim is to record a lecturer using my Surface Go. I have tried using this using the in-built microphone which is mounted on the front but it picks up the noise of typing and background noise behind me better than the lecturer in front of me. Can anyone recommend an external microphone and...
  4. I

    Out of sync video and audio

    Ever since some driver/firmware update in the last quarter of 2017 (I cannot pinpoint which), I noticed that my SP4 tends to playback videos with audio out of sync (i.e. audio happens before the video) whenever I pull video data via the wireless network adapter. It doesn't matter whether I am...
  5. L

    Audio in via MIC jack static type sounds

    Using WIN10, SP3, attempting to create a video. The sound in seems to have static whether coming from built in array mic or external mic. Any recommended solutions to eliminate static? What is surprising is the external mic (a Creative brand clip-on Mic I used to use with Skype) is clipped...
  6. P

    Audio Equalizer?

    Hey there! So on my Surface Pro 4, I really like the sound by default, though I would like to be able to adjust it. I sometimes connect my Surface Pro 4 to my external 2.1 speakerset with subwoofer, and I would like to adjust the lower tones a bit (lower). Also just in general I like to have an...
  7. BorisHristov

    External Mic via the 3.5 Jack?

    Hey guys, Anyone able to use an external mic (I am having a Rode VideoMic) with Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10? The mic works perfectly well with my DLSR, but when I connect it to the Surface it's just not recognized as a mic and that's it. Some friends are not having the same problems, but they...
  8. T

    Solved Video and sound issue

    Last Saturday my SP3 was running fine. I could play videos no problem and sound was good. There has been no video or sound issues since I received the SP3 last xmas. Come Sunday I turned it on and went on Facebook. Noticed one of the videos I was accessing directly from the page seemed to be...
  9. C

    Questions Before I Order

    So I am about to order the Surface Book 256/i7/8. And wanted to know some of your opinions. I have been looking around the past few days on this forum and as expected I saw a pretty good amount of issues being the 1st gen for this product. So far what I have seen is a not so good battery...