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Audio in via MIC jack static type sounds


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Using WIN10, SP3, attempting to create a video.

The sound in seems to have static whether coming from built in array mic or external mic.

Any recommended solutions to eliminate static?

What is surprising is the external mic (a Creative brand clip-on Mic I used to use with Skype) is clipped onto my shirt and seems to pick up the sound of the SP3 fan running, same as when using the built in array mic.

I would upload the file for all to hear but am prevented with an "exception", since the default file type is MP4, and the message is "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension. "WIN_20160804_10_15_16_Pro.mp4"

MP4 file type is being created by the built in camera. Go figure.

Suggestions, please.


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first off there is no "mic in" that you plug into... the noise you here is probably the interference from the mic located on the bezel and you plugging in the mic to the headphone plug... try using Skype without the "PLUGIN MIC" as there's already a mic integrated into the SP3.... if you insist on using a mic then use a USB type mic...