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battery problems

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    Have I fried my SP4Pro battery?

    Hi all, hope someone can help me here. About a month ago my SP4 (about two years old) stopped charging – the taskbar icon says "plugged in, not charging" and the battery has no charge whatsoever (if I remove the power it immediately turns off). Previous to that battery life wasn't great but...
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    Another charging problem!

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I bought a SP3 from a friend. For about an hour it worked perfectly, I loved it. Then it died without me realising the battery was low and it hasn't worked since. The light on the charger is solid, doesn't flash at all. When I press the power button I get the low...
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    Fan start to spin when charging

    Today, after a week or two of light use (which is quite nice), I had to charge my Surface Book, so I plugged in the cable and put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button. A minute or two after that, the fans started to spin very fast. I touched the computer and noticed it was very...
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    Old Surface 2 Finally Goes Kaput?

    I recently aquired a used surface pro from a family member and while I'm not normally a tablet kind of person (I prefer notebooks and laptops) I was interested in it because it seemed to be held to a high standard of performance as bragged by Microsoft. This Surface has had some history. I was...
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    Battery Life and Recharge Time

    Hi All, I have a Surface Pro 4 - i7 8GB 256GB. So far, I had Windows Hello off. I usually run: 1) Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome with several tabs, one of them is streaming video/music. 2) Visual Studio or some other IDE. 3) Skype 4) Explorer 5) Mail App I get 2.5 to 3:25 hours out of the...
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    Surface Pro1 battery problem

    Hi guys, I bought a MS SPro1 recently, with a power cover, but to be honest the battery life of the power cover is far from my expectations, it last less than 2 hours with 25% light and power saver mode (win 10). The CPU is no on high usage, I usually pin it to the front and sometimes it hits...
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    Surface Pro 4 quickly discharging

    My Surface Pro 4 very quickly discharges when I do some hard processes with it, like installation of hard application or unpacking of huge archive. It may discharge on few percent's during few minutes. Is this normal? P.S. I've bought it few days ago and it have been charged fully only one time.
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    Solved SP3 - Odd battery behavior

    Is it just me, or since I install W10 my battery drops significantly, also design capacity or full charge capacity not showing anymore. Currently having 217 cycles this should count as normal cycles, and keep same 6h as before now I'm getting 4h. I got my values from powercfg /batteryreport...
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    Power problems - Surface Pro 3 only runs when AC connected

    Hi got a problem with my Surface Pro ... when plugged into AC battery reads 67% (not charging) other battery apps also suggest that it is at 67% ..i.e. it is not a false reading if i pull the ac lead out though the Pro 3 immediately shuts down and will not restart until the AC cable is...