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Another charging problem!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I bought a SP3 from a friend. For about an hour it worked perfectly, I loved it. Then it died without me realising the battery was low and it hasn't worked since.

The light on the charger is solid, doesn't flash at all. When I press the power button I get the low battery screen pop up before it turns off again. Only once has it come up with the surface boot screen but then it shuts down again.

Do you think it's worth buying a new charger cable or could it be a problem with the device? I've tried the usual fixes, hard reset etc, but still nothing. Absolutely gutted. I see a lot of threads where the device won't turn on at all or the charger light is flashing, but nothing about just a low battery screen.

Any help and advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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Welcome to the forum Hannah. sorry to hear you're having troubles.

How long have you left it charging prior to pressing the power button? From my experience, the battery needs to be charged up a certain level before it'll turn on again. If you've done this, then ignore me, but leave it plugged in for a few hours to see if there is any joy, and if so, get into windows and run a battery report and share the results with us.

For windows 8, open up command prompt in admin mode and enter "powercfg /batteryreport" and if windows 10, do the same but enter "powercfg /batteryreport /output "C:\battery_report.html" and hit enter. Command prompt will tell you where the report is saved.

Let us know what you achieve, and hopefully we can progress from there.

If the device is somehow within warranty, then microsoft will send a free charger, and if that is not the issue, replace the device, but if it is out of warranty, then I would personally be going to the friend, and if they are a true friend, they'll take it back off your hands.


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Also, I would check with the friend you bought it from. He may have had the problem and knows how to fix it.


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I had this and followed this advice: Leave it plugged in for a couple of hours then do the 'two finger salute', as follows

"To do this, press and hold the Volume-up button and the Power button on the your Surface at the same time for 15 seconds and then release both of them. The screen may flash the Surface logo, but remember to continue holding down the buttons for 15 seconds."

Then try restarting as normal.

Source: What is Surface Pro Two Button Shutdown