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I recently aquired a used surface pro from a family member and while I'm not normally a tablet kind of person (I prefer notebooks and laptops) I was interested in it because it seemed to be held to a high standard of performance as bragged by Microsoft.
This Surface has had some history. I was told that "the screen broke, it was sent in for repairs, and when it came back it was never the same again." Sounded ominous.
So I started by attempting to initiate a factory reset. It couldn't reset because it was "missing files." When I attempted to find these files by doing a manual search via console command, it said "you do not have administrative rights," even though I was on the administrator profile.
Finally I contacted microsoft and was told that I would be mailed a key code in a few days that would allow me to download these missing files so I could reset it.
In the meantime, I decided to see if the tablet needed any updates performed. The thing had apparently not been used since June 2015, because it had about 237 updates it needed to download. So I let it begin its process. When it had ten items left to download I stepped out of the house for an hour and came back to a black screen.
So I charged it, and attempted to turn it on. Nothing. I've done every bit of manual reset you can think of. I've even done the cntrl+shift+b keyboard reset and still have nothing.
The charger is an off brand and therefore doesnt have a light on it, so I can't tell if the device is adequitly charging. But it worked two days ago.
I was just starting to get used to the idea of how usefull this tablet would be for me and it flops.
If anyone can supply me with any advice that would be great. I have considered taking it apart but judging by online tutorials it's a near impossibility for someone who has never taken apart a tablet in their life.
I appretiate any and all help.