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  1. J

    Windows update - cause camera to fail

    System 7 Pro, Domain client First, I cannot fathom why there are so many Intel, Surface, Realtek updates to the system... on a weekly basis. I posted earlier about camera fail after upgrade to current build of windows; however, loss of camera function is more pervasive. I now have a...
  2. Sandswimmer

    Solved Surface Pro 4 type cover is not detected and not showing in Device Manager

    My Surface Pro Type cover has stopped working a few days ago for no apparent reason. I have spent hours on this , cleaning the port, rebooting in UFI, reinstalling windows from the Recovery Image, updating Windows to its latest version, following every possible advise I could find about this...
  3. I

    Art programs not working corretcly (suspect driver issue)

    I was wondering if any of you fine dudes and dudettes had any expertise and could help me figure out what's been happening with my surface pro for the last two days. I haven't been able to draw anything on my tablet in any art program (primarily photoshop and clip studio paint), but the...
  4. M

    Touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen not working since recent Win10 Updates.

    Hello, Both my touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen technology seem to have all gone down since rencent updates occured just before or over the weekend. I have tried enable/disable and uninstall/reinstall all the HID compliant drivers in Device Manager. I have not yet found the drivers to try to...
  5. P

    Annoying System Idle Process Too High...SP4 Drivers a Possible Solution?

    So I would say 1 in every 5 or so boots the System Idle Process & System eats about 30% of the CPU's available resources...if I do not restart, the fans ramp up, the battery consumption increases 3-fold, and the speed of use is slower. This is not an issue with my machine or my software...it is...
  6. P

    Audio Equalizer?

    Hey there! So on my Surface Pro 4, I really like the sound by default, though I would like to be able to adjust it. I sometimes connect my Surface Pro 4 to my external 2.1 speakerset with subwoofer, and I would like to adjust the lower tones a bit (lower). Also just in general I like to have an...
  7. L

    will bamboo pen work?

    hi, just like in topic - i have a bamboo pen and ive been trying to make it work on my surface 3 with windows 10 but it isnt responsive. i read around the topic and the general consensus is that third party pens should work. ive tried to download some wacom bamboo drivers but at the end of the...