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  1. N

    Surface Book 2 GPU overheating while in sleep or screen off

    Hello, I recently purchased a Surface Book 2 i7 256 GB 13.5 inch with the Nvidia 1050 GTX. I was very excited with this device until I noticed the first problems. The screen is a little bit bent at the right top corner and as known this devices suffers from the coil whine issue, but it worked...
  2. mikecox

    Missing NVidia control panal

    M IT service did a "tuneup" and now I can't find the NVideo Control panel in the system Control Panel. Can someone tell me how I can get it back?
  3. H

    Intel Iris 540 problems GPU photoshop

    Hi all. First I bought a surface pro 3, after 1 year and many issues regarding photoshop pen and stability. Microsoft advised me to buy the surface pro 4 all the issues I had with the pen and GPU in photoshop where solved. So stupid me to trust a sales guy I bought the surface pro 4, still...
  4. M

    Adobe Premiere - GPU not working

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I bought Surface Book performance with GPU, 16GB ram and I use it mostly for video editing. Everything, usually, was working smoothly and I could render a HD video of 10 minute length in around 10-20 minutes. When rendering GPU would turn on and you could feel the...
  5. Z

    Surface Book Battery and GPU Problems

    Hello All! I got my Surface Book last Christmas and have loved it every since, despite the bugs of course. Recently I have noticed that it has been dying quicker than usual and I noticed that when I click on the battery icon in the taskbar that battery 1 says "Not Present". That is the battery...
  6. M

    Optimizing For Better Photoshop Sketching

    I'm an Industrial Designer and just got my SB last week (i7 / 512GB / 16GB RAM). Previously I did my digital sketching on a Wacom Cintiq attached to my laptop. I have some complaints about the SB's sketching quality compared to the Cintiq and wondering if there are ways to better optimize the SB...
  7. B

    Solved GPU crashing with illustrator

    The GPU crashes when i am trying to work on my designs. I don't know if it is a faulty gpu or just a problem with Illustrator and/or my design file. I have tried updating the drivers through microsoft and official nvidia channels. Illustrator generally runs slower than i would expect it too...