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Optimizing For Better Photoshop Sketching


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I'm an Industrial Designer and just got my SB last week (i7 / 512GB / 16GB RAM). Previously I did my digital sketching on a Wacom Cintiq attached to my laptop. I have some complaints about the SB's sketching quality compared to the Cintiq and wondering if there are ways to better optimize the SB to solve them. It should be noted I'm a pretty fast sketcher and do a lot of quick, hashing style, gestures to shade things in.

My Issues:
- Sketch strokes seem to be shorter than I know I'm making them. In other words they show up late and leave early.
- Sketch strokes aren't very accurate and a bit delayed.

Fixes I've implemented so far:
- Changed the GPU settings for PShop so that "Power Management Mode" is set to "Prefer Maximum Performance" when plugged in (tutorial:
- Maxed out the Intel HD Graphics by turning off Csenabled in the registry, and adding a max power plan (then turning Csenabled back on.)
- Changed GPU settings in Photoshop: Edit>Performance>Advanced Settings>Drawing Mode: Advanced
- Calibrated the pen under "Calibrate"
- Set the pressure sensitivity under "Surface"

Yes I'm sketching with the keyboard attached and the SB plugged in. I typically sketch on 11x17 300 DPI.

Anyone have any other optimization tricks?
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I'm an industrial designer as well, with the same SB. I've found that Autodesk Sketchbook pro is the best for laying down fast lines with varying line weight. Even on my Cintiq I feel like photoshop struggles to do what I want.