1. H

    Closing Programs unexpectedly on low battery

    hi, I have an issue where my laptop closes programs when it gets to too low a battery before I get any warning or anything as well, it's very annoying when I'm using photoshop or something and it just quits losing any work since the last backup, anyone know how I could fix this? I'd rather it go...
  2. N

    Solved Anyone else has issue with Edge browser?

    I wanted to give Edge a chance so I've been using it for a while. My SP4 is updated to the latest and every single time I use Edge, it stalls. When I try to open a page, it often just sits there and spins. I have to close the browser or tab and restart and sometimes that works. Few days ago I...
  3. J

    Surface Pro 2 - Shuts down when unplugged

    My surface was working perfectly fine on one day, then the next when i went to unplug it from the wall it shut itself off instantly. The battery registers as 100%. It works fine as long as its plugged in, but instantly shuts off when unplugged, and pressing the power button when unplugged does...
  4. R

    Wifi disconnecting

    Howdy folks- Not so sure this is a Studio-only prob, but since getting my Studio this week, I noticed the wifi will disconnect after sleeping for a bit - which makes signing in via camera or even by PIN impossible as they require a net connection (why, I don't know -- I guess those sign-ins are...
  5. Fdzikrii

    Solved SPro 3 connected to wifi, but no internet. Please help.

    Hi everyone. I'm recently purchased a Surface Pro 3, been using it for weeks, it works perfectly fine. Today i was browsing via Edge using my friend wifi router. It works just as always, but suddenly the connection drop. (The wifi works fine though, another device connected to this wifi still...
  6. J

    WIFI drops when connecting to external display

    I've been having intermittent issues with the WIFI connection. As of today, it appears to be permanent however... as soon as I plug the minidp -> hdmi adapter into the mini dp port (i.e. connect an external monitor) the WIFI disconnects and I can't re-establish a connection. If I unplug the...
  7. D

    Microphone sending audio output but not voice

    So this started a couple of days ago before the latest Windows 10 update. When using Skype the other person could only hear OS sounds, music playing, any audio output. This happens with my headset, the onboard hardware and my iPhone earbuds. No recording devices are set to listen to. Stereo mix...
  8. S

    Consistent steam game crashes after 15 minutes

    Hi, all. I've got an SP3 i5/256gb, and ever since I downloaded steam and started playing games on it, 80% of the games I have (not necessarily most graphic intensive ones) crash to the desktop after 10-15 minutes of gameplay. i've downloaded intel XTU and the temps look fine (~70F stable), RAM...