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WIFI drops when connecting to external display


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I've been having intermittent issues with the WIFI connection. As of today, it appears to be permanent however... as soon as I plug the minidp -> hdmi adapter into the mini dp port (i.e. connect an external monitor) the WIFI disconnects and I can't re-establish a connection. If I unplug the minidp port, wifi reconnects automatically.

This is, of course, really annoying. I would like to use the internet and a large screen at the same time - e.g. for software development :-(

Has anyone else had this?


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I've had some strange behaviour with WiFi and external screens. I have two 4K screens, one plugged in via the dock and one plugged in directly to the port on the Surface. Intermittently WiFi would have dropped when turning my Surface back on and I could usually only restore it by disconnecting the dock (leaving the other screen connected though) and then turning WiFi off and on again from the system tray. On plugging the dock back in it would then keep working.

I saw a mention problems with 5 GHz WiFi somewhere, which my TP-Link router broadcasts on so I've changed the adapter settings on the Surface so the band's set to 5 GHz rather than Auto and I haven't had the problem since. Not a permanent solution at all, but is any of that common to your setup?