1. B

    Event 86 Kernel-Power Randomly shuts down Surface Book 2

    Everything was normal then I got an update and I started getting Attached and Ready To Detach messages when I see Event Viewer I got "Dtx failed to enumerate DGpu" I searched online for solution and solution was to be on latest updates for Windows and Surface Firmware. So I updated Windows to...
  2. S

    Surface pro 2017 pen inaccuracy issue

    I bought a Surface pro 2017 a few weeks ago and I realized that when my hand rests on the screen the pen is unstable and have weird inaccuracies i tried some tips and still nothing, anyone have a solution for this? the note taking this way is impossible
  3. A

    Surface pro 3 replacement?

    Has anyone had their surface pro (expired warranty) fixed or replaced for free by Microsoft after the updates didn't fix the battery issues? I've tried EVERYTHING. And all i have left is to go to a MS store which is 3 hours away and see what they can do, but i'm not willing to pay $450 dollars...
  4. J

    Surface Book Glitches With External Monitors and Dock

    I currently run 2 - 22" Wide Flat Panel Dell monitors (2208WFPt) connected to the surface book dock. My issue is that when I disconnect and reconnect the dock my display glitches big time. (large fonts, rearranged icons, tool bar icons disappearing) I can eventually get it right by unplugging...
  5. P

    Surface Dock Makes High Pitch Sound....

    When I have multiple USB ports being used... I haven't attempted a 2nd or third display, but just from an external HD (seagate 4TB slim portable) and a couple of other usb devices it makes this awful high pitch sound. It's almost not noticeable until you are right next to it, but now, when I'm...
  6. M

    Surface book and dock adapters

    Hi there, Looking for anyone who has had success with 3 in 1 mini displayport to vga/hdmi/dvi adapter that works with both the surface book and dock. Before I did any research I bought an adapter but (I assume) it was a 'passive' one and the vga port is the only one that works. After looking...
  7. D

    Help! Surface Issues and Return after 30 Days

    Help! I Need Somebody, Help! Pretty Much anybody, Heeelllp.... nanananaan Having some huge issues with my SP4 At the moment The issues im encountering are (connected to wall power and on battery) -Video_TDR_FAILURE Bluescreens -Video_memory_management_failure Bluescreens -Pen Disconnects...
  8. J

    SPro3 Charging problems!

    Here's the deal, My surface is less than a year old and my charger began getting faulty (or so i thought) it just didn't charge then did, then didnt until it completely went. I thought this was my surface, a driver problem of some sort in which i was sent a replacement but then to be told they...
  9. T

    Known issues for SP4

    My new sp4 has the following issues (although have all updated to the newest version till 27 Nov): 1st: Wifi disconnected and kept asking password with a warning: your information changed since the previous connection; 2nd: flickering screen especially in low brightness setting; 3rd: display...
  10. C

    Questions Before I Order

    So I am about to order the Surface Book 256/i7/8. And wanted to know some of your opinions. I have been looking around the past few days on this forum and as expected I saw a pretty good amount of issues being the 1st gen for this product. So far what I have seen is a not so good battery...
  11. E

    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    Hi, So I just got my surface 3 (Atom) a few days ago, and it has done this about three times now now. I can reproduce the issue easily. At night at the end of the day, my surface is almost dead, so I close the cover, plug it in, and leave it over night, but when I wake up in the morning, I find...
  12. J

    So is it officially impossible to download anything outside of the windows app store?

    I noticed the day I got this tablet/pc that it would not let me download anything from outside the app store! After reading and reading it seems impossible! Is this true or is there a solution to this? Also.. The reason I bought this tablet is because it's also a pc so I was able to use it for...

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