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    SOLVED: Surface Pro 2017 can't finish a reset

    Hi, I have reset my Surface Pro (bought in September 2017) with the option of not keeping my files. After a few minutes the system reboots and I start reconfiguring my computer. After I get the option if I want to link my computer to my smartphone and store files in OneDrive (I choose not to...
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    Factory Reset Switches off Surface 3

    Hi all, I just bought a 2nd hand Surface 3. Before using it I wanted to do a full reset that wipes the drive. I choose the full wipe option in the recovery options and I was expecting the Surface 3 to reboot and begin the long wipe, instead it turned itself off. When I realised it had done this...
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    Old Surface 2 Finally Goes Kaput?

    I recently aquired a used surface pro from a family member and while I'm not normally a tablet kind of person (I prefer notebooks and laptops) I was interested in it because it seemed to be held to a high standard of performance as bragged by Microsoft. This Surface has had some history. I was...
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    Wireless card not working after reset of Surface 2

    Good day everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand this the issue I'm facing. After reseting my install of W8 on my tablet (in order to leave it to a friend), the network driver was not installed and an error 10 appeared on the device manager saying that the driver is not there...
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    Solved SP4 Boot Loop

    Hi All, So, my SP4 went through a windows 10 update last night. Now when I turn it on the Surface logo appears the spinning dots then appear and then it goes dark and repeats this process. I have made a recovery USB but when I try to reset the SP4 choosing the "keep my files" option then the...