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SOLVED: Surface Pro 2017 can't finish a reset


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I have reset my Surface Pro (bought in September 2017) with the option of not keeping my files.

After a few minutes the system reboots and I start reconfiguring my computer. After I get the option if I want to link my computer to my smartphone and store files in OneDrive (I choose not to, to both) the system freezes in an empty screen with no other option but a back button that takes me back to link computer to smartphone, basically keeping me there in a loop (smartphone, OneDrive, empty screen, back to smartphone).

No matter if I choose to link the computer to the phone or use OneDrive, I’m stuck there. If a switch of the laptop (with a long press of the power button), I restart to config the computer from the beginning just to be stuck at the same point.

Please help, I can’t reset the computer and basically my Surface is unusable.
Thanks for your answer. I try to contact support but they are closed so far (I'll have to wait for their open hours).

UPDATE: I have reset the Surface and started the whole config process again, and now there is a persistent message saying "Activate Windows. Go to Configuration to activate Windows". But from there is no option in any of the menus to do this.
This sounds like there is an error in the install after your Reset. It may have been interrupted during the (first?) attempt.

You should do a re-install from recovery media (USB drive, for example). If you do not have one, you can use another PC running Windows 10. Search "Create a recovery drive".

Hi, I downloaded a recovery image from MS website and reboot from a USB drive and I could reset the whole system (deleting everything).

Probably the original recovery was corrupted and made the whole installation broken.