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Factory Reset Switches off Surface 3


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Hi all,

I just bought a 2nd hand Surface 3. Before using it I wanted to do a full reset that wipes the drive. I choose the full wipe option in the recovery options and I was expecting the Surface 3 to reboot and begin the long wipe, instead it turned itself off. When I realised it had done this (after about 5 mins) I switched it on and it then began the reset. So all seems to be working now but..

Is this normal for the Surface 3?


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I think what you saw is normal. I have done that on some desktops and it wanted to restart first. Maybe better that it shut down first instead. I don't see a problem.


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Thanks, I think you're right it's fine. Just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong seeing as it's 2nd hand and it's also my first Windows 10 device.