1. O

    Problem booting. Asked for UEFI password.

    Hello. I have a Surface Pro (5th generation). Initially when I booted it up, I was not able to access some functions like services nor did the tiles show just a list of files and applications. So, I tried to do a factory reset and the boot got stuck at "services" after asking if I wanted to...
  2. T

    Issue with Automatic Power On After Power Loss

    I am using a Surface Pro as a Kiosk and have set the UEFI boot configuration - automatic power on after power loss setting to on. This seems to function as expected however when power is restored the device seems to automatically go into sleep or hibernation mode and cannot truly restore the...
  3. A

    Surface Pro 4 UEFI Flash Tool?

    Does anyone have access to a tool that an MS tech would use to update the model type on the UEFI? I purchased a refurbished Surface Pro 4 from a certified re-seller. It works great for the most part. I had a few issues with the touchscreen shortly after buying it and when I tried to download...
  4. M

    Surface Book 2 changed windows boot logo small issue

    I have a surface book 2 and I recently attempted to change the windows boot logo to the Jordan symbol. In order to do that I had to go to the UEFI settings and disable secure boot and save the logo i wanted to use using the HackerBGRT program by following some steps on youtube. So now when my...
  5. hittka

    Can't Connect to Internet

    Hello all, I'm trying to use the internet while using a USB desktop, but the internet just won't work. I'm not connected to Wifi, I'm using an ethernet cable. My surface book keyboard and touchpad also don't work while on this USB desktop, I had to plug in USB keyboard/mouse, so I'm guessing...
  6. mikecox

    Is SB unique with respect to the OS

    I was on the phone with MS because my Adobe Premiere Elements program was misbehaving, even after several "Geek squad tuneups" and several reinstalls. My Explorer 2 program was crashing all the time and the developer couldn't figure out why. MS suggested that I reinstall my OS, they left me...
  7. TunaSurface

    Surface stuck on UEFI

    So, my original surface that I got about three years ago is now pretty much bricked. Here's the issue: Every time I turn it on, it gives me the option to disk check or skip. If I let it disk check, it stops at 36%, and stays there for about 20 hours until going to the UEFI screen (most likely...
  8. T

    SP2 not boot (UEFI)

    Hello! I bought my parents a present surface. and so it turned out that the tablet is unfortunately not earned. Here's how it looks: I know that you say: "download a recovery image from the official site" but I cant Please help. Tried chkdsk /f (and r) - x Repair Windows - x Repair...
  9. T

    Bitlocker Disable - How to - UEFI - SP4

    I am building Surface Pro 4 machines for a business. Load the corporate image of Windows 10 Enterprise on the SP4. Image loads fine. Operating System looks fine. Run Windows Update. Updates install and system looks stable. Run "manage-bde -status" at a Command Prompt and it says "Used Space...
  10. Earth_2

    Jittering screen on Surface Pro 4

    I got my Surface Pro 4 about 3 months ago, and until a few days ago it has been working pretty much perfectly. However, within the last few days, I've had this really irritating headache-inducing problem where the bottom three-quarters of the screen jitters and shakes up and down slightly...
  11. S

    Solved Will it provide full virtualization support?

    For me it's important that I can bring my VMware Workstation VMs along during my trips. Will the new Surface 4 Pro CPU/BIOS/UEFI provide all the up-to-date and required virtualization support?
  12. G

    Locked Out of UEFI.

    I set a password for my Surface pro 3 after fiddling with the UEFI settings. Now I cant remember the password I set. It seems I disabled the wifi and some other thing like its ability to boot from USB and the sound. I was able to boot a recovery "disk" form within widows and do a factory reset...