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Surface stuck on UEFI


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So, my original surface that I got about three years ago is now pretty much bricked.
Here's the issue: Every time I turn it on, it gives me the option to disk check or skip.
If I let it disk check, it stops at 36%, and stays there for about 20 hours until going to the UEFI screen (most likely after a blue screen, cannot confirm). If I skip it, it goes to a blue screen after a couple of hours on the skip screen and then to the UEFI.

On the UEFI screen:
1. If I press exit setup, it restarts and goes straight back to the same screen.
2. If I press ''install default secure boot keys'', nothing seems to happen, when exited it does the same as in 1.

I'm kinda lost here, I'm getting a new surface soon anyway but there's files in my original I need, sensitive information and files with a lot of emotional weight. Am I out of luck?
Is my only hope to try to reset windows 10 via usb?

Thank you very much for any information!

Background information:
My original surface has worked fine until a couple of weeks ago, I think it might have been the Win10 updates but the machine has been painfully sluggish. Yesterday, it froze on me three times. First restart went fine and threw me back in, but froze almost immediately. Second restart gave me the option to boot in recovery mode, as I clicked ''yes'', it froze. Third restart led me here, stuck in limbo.


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Sounds like there is some potential damage to the SSD....you can attempt a refresh or reset, but if the SSD is corrupted/damaged you won't get very far...