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Firmware Update Failed


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The new MS Surface Firmware Update installed on Jan 15th 2015, and now the Touchscreen isn't working. I've tried Uninstalling the Firmware via Compmgmt, System Restoring to an earlier point in time, etc. Windows Update is showing error Code 8024CE0A. In Compmgmt the Surface Pro Touch Controller has the yellow exclamation point next to it.

Anyone else having this issue? Has anyone been able to resolve it?
I've had users experience failed firmware updates. Usually, the only way around it is to do a full rebuild of the OS, so if you're using stock SP3 8.1 BACKUP all of your files you don't want to lose and reboot into recover mode. You will need to perform a full reset of the OS which starts you fresh. After you reset I would run windows updates again and see if it will download and install the firmware update again.
It's possible that the digitizer may be affected at the firmware level and even a full OS reset won't repair it. If that's the case get in contact with MS support and work with them.


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Yeah, I did a complete system restore, it didn't resolve the issue. I contacted MS support, they are sending me a new one. Can't believe they can deliver a faulty firmware automatically like this...
My company bought 55 SP3's and out of the total around 10 have been RMA'd for various failures. We had 1 or 2 that had obvious digitizer failures right out of box.