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8/19/14 firmware update installed AGAIN?!? today on my SP3 i7???


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I woke my SP3 i7, 256gb today and noticed it said it needed to restart to apply a windows update. I went ahead and restarted and went to go look at my update history to see what updated. It is saying that it installed the 8/19/14 firmware update.....again?!? My history also shows that the 8/19/14 firmware was successfully installed on 8/20. I'm confused and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Did it not install correctly the first time? Is this some sort of update to the 8/19 firmware? The SP3 seems to be working great, but had felt it had been doing better since the 8/20 install. I have not uninstalled or installed anything since the 8/20 installation. VERY CONFUSED!


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Thought I would take a picture so people didn't think I was nuts. What's this about?


I presume you've done a shutdown or a cold reboot since the first successful application of the firmware?


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Occasionally when you run System Level Disk Clean Up it will remove the Firmware Update (an others) Flag and will re-apply. Also any change or corruption of a driver package can also cause the Firmware to be re-applied.