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128 GB Surface Pro Memory Problems


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Howdy Everyone,

On my Surface Pro (Windows 8.1, version 1) the default page file size is 1.4GB (1408 MB). On all my other devices the page file is equal to the installed RAM amount. If you can spare the space, see if upping the size to 4 GB (on the 4GB model) and see if the error goes away. It is normally advisable to let Windows manage the size, but I see virtual memory errors all the time in ESX environments, as the page file size is too small due to the (relative) lack of storage space. Old Windows tweak guides always recommended that you set the page file to a fixed size, as when Windows has to increase or shrink the file, it slowed the system down. However, since Windows Vista, TH default settings work fine. I am guessing that the image MS uses to setup the Surface Pro has a page file size adjusted for a 32GB system. If you want to try it, I suggest that you set a min size to what is now (1.4 GB?) and a max equal to the ram size. Good luck!
Rich S.