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Running out of memory while gaming on 4gb / 128


I couldn't find the info, maybe it was on the SP2 or another forum, but I was playing Wolf Among Us and the game closed with a low or out of memory error (RAM). I imagine I will get this on other games. I did get it on my SP2 but seemed to be able to ignore it w/o any consequence.

Will changing page file / virtual memory help? Any suggestion on changes?

My preference is to keep 4/128, but am considering exchanging for the 8/256.

I never played Wolf Among Us on my SP2, mainly League of Legends and Dark Souls 2 so it could be game specific.
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Increase your pagefile. I had this issue on the SP2 128 AND 256 until I figured it out. I set 4096 on the SP2 and SP3, no issues.


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I have pro1 and play wolf, from steam. I don't get memory warning. Mines 4gb/128gb ram edition. Now when I play stuff like Crisis or whatever on my pro, then those messages pop up at times. I'm usually able to ignore message and still play though.


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FIXED FOR ME. I had this problem while playing league of legends. I would use more than 25GB of virtual memory, but never use more than 4gb of physical memory for just one game! For me it was an issue of running my game at a different resolution than my desktop resolution. If i just change the resolution of my device to 1080p (same resolution I play league at) the problem was solved. From what i have read, this IS NOT an issue with the SP3, but an issue with windows in general. Do you play your game at the full 2160 x 1440 or do you use a different resolution?

BTW I am using the i5 8gb 256gb version.