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128 GB Micro SDHC Card Storage


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I have a Surface Pro 3- 128 GB 4 GB Ram, using a 128 GB Micro SDHC Card inserted in the Surface Pro 3 for additional storage.

Is it a problem to store a PC game from the Microsoft Store - Halo Wars 2 Definitive Edition (10 GB size) - on the card?

I find that I get an error when I try to play it from the card. Can games be stored on the Micro SDHC card for the Surface Pro 3?
Since you get an error I guess it is an issue. What type of error do you get? Do you get it if you run the game from the ssd?
Since you get an error I guess it is an issue. What type of error do you get? Do you get it if you run the game from the ssd?
Yes, but what I'm trying to ascertain is - will it make a difference whether one stores the game on the SDHC card OR on the Surface's hard drive? Better said, does the require that it be downloaded to the Surface's internal hard drive.

The symptoms when the game was stored on the SDHC card were:
1) Once downloaded, the graphics in the desktop icon of the game were not visible, just the placeholder for the desktop icon
2) When I clicked on the game icon it looks like it's going to start, then quickly reverts back to the desktop. No error message or code is displayed.
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Can't you try?

I did try about 10 times, rebooted the Surface Pro 1, took out the SDHC card and reinserted it and downloaded it a 2nd time after re-formatting the SDHC card to exFat again.

The same thing happened that I outlined in #1 and #2 above, no difference game would crash. So I downloaded it to the Surface's hard drive and it played fine. It even asks you what drive you want to download to and I selected D the SDHC card.

So that is why I am asking, about PC games like Halo Wars 2 be downloaded to the SDHC card rather than the HD.
What I meant was: Can't you try installing it on the internal hard drive?

Yes I ultimately did. install it on the hard drive and it works. Was trying to0 find out if the only way to play games is to install on the hard drive and not from the SCHC drive.

You can download apps and they are basically programs and they play from the SDHC card. So what about a game? I know some programs when you try to install to a card, an error message appears saying that you must install on the internal drive. I know on my Windows Phone there are some apps that tells me I can't install/download on my SDHC card, that I must download/install on the phones internal storage.
I think a micro SDHC card is too slow to run games.
You might be quite correct. So only an external USB drive Or the internal SSD drive are likely fast enough, anything else is too slow at the moment.

I know the card is a Class 10.