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Sorry. My rant wasn't directly at you. I'm just frustrated at all the anti-choice people. I don't understand their mentality. If they hate metro, then just stay in the desktop environment. Why do they want to kill the touch-centric UI? I installed windows 10 tech preview and it would seem that metro is gone. Tablet mode in 10 is just auto-full screen for the windows. It's no longer touch-optimized. In other words, the desktop whiners won out and now we're about to go back to windows 7. At this pace, we'll be back to the hammer, chisel, and stone tablets in no time. Why stop there? Let's all go back to the good old days and live in caves and grunt at each other.

Apology accepted.

Perhaps you could document your findings concerning Windows 10 in that topic area. I would be interested in knowing the good and the bad before deciding whether to upgrade or not.

You have brought up some very valid points and, as such, should be in the Windows 10 area so that all can read. Valuable information is always needed, especially in this forum.

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