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Metro IE Back Page Swipe


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I discovered the back swipe in IE for Metro by accident when trying to swap applications, awesome feature. However it keeps randomly stopping, reboot seems to fix - however I am wondering what the scenarios are when it should work as it seems a bit hit/miss. Anyone else seeing these issues? It could be a complete coincidence but last couple of times I have noticed it not working the Type Keyboard has played up too - until the reboot (removing and replacing not fixing it).

I have noticed in the last few days, that I am suffering from every single bug that seems to be affecting the SP, anyone else got a full house:

1. Limited Connectivity on WiFi
2. WiFi randomly dropping off
3. Not resuming from sleep
4. Type keyboard not recognised
5. Stylus not recognised

Am I missing any?


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More details, how long did you have it. Did you do the recent update. Did you check in device mgr to see if the firmware update does not have a yellow triangle next to it. Only bc this worked for me a refresh was not too painful you may want to consider it. But first let's get some more info.


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Sorry Tony - more details for what?

I was not asking for help resolving the problems, I know they are valid commonly reported issues - patient enough for MS to start resolving and rolling out, there's nothing I've not been able to work around. Done the refresh a couple of times in the week I've had it. Been in the industry long enough to know the costs/benefits of being an early adopter.