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2 problems with my Surface Pro: display and keyboard


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Problem 1: the display has begun to turn off every few seconds. It won't stop. I press the power button
and after I click on the splash screen, I'm back to where I left, so the Surface is not powering down,
the display just continually turns off.

For example, I just installed the latest group of Microsoft updates, and while the updates were downloading
and installing, the Surface went dark several times. Each time, after I pressed the power button and clicked
on the screen, I was brought back to Windows Update, and it was still in progress (and eventually completed

I've checked the power options and there's nothing I can see that would explain this.

Problem 2: the Surface has stopped recognizing the attached keyboard.
The only time I can enter with the keyboard is when I'm typing in a pin; afterwards, I can't type into any other
text fields with the keyboard. I searched on this problem and I've tried a hard shutdown, but that has not helped.

Any help, thoughts are greatly appreciated


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The display driver going berserk can explain some of the issues.
What type of keyboard are you using type or touch cover, or something else?

Not sure how old is your unit, if possible, try to get a warranty exchange.

If that's not an option, try to figure out what's going on, I'd do the following:
a) look into the event log for clues -- something gotta be there
b) attach an external monitor to to see if it happens there, too
c) attach a USB 2 or 3 display adapter and use that