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John Wagstaff

New Member
I'm new to the surface tablet, and am learning fast, however I cannot see that there is any facility to go mobile with this tablet, I have an orange 3G USB dongle but I can't get the software to work, there must be a built-in restriction. I have looked through the windows app store but I can't see any apps for any uk network. Has any one any suggestions or will this be something for the future.
You can try contacting the company providing the dongle, maybe they might have a solution or at least let you know if something's in the works. I would take the advice listed above and look into getting a mobile WiFi hotspot. There's no dongle hanging out, which maintains the tablet form factor, and your device would read it like any over-the-air WiFi signal, so no worries about drivers and you can have your other WiFi devices connect to it, not to mention improving your tablet's battery life as they have their own internal battery. I bought one recently, just turn it on and toss it in my bag when going to work, and it provides about 8hrs of signal before the internal battery goes out. I usually have it attached to a small battery bank when its in my bag, so I actually get almost twice that amount of time. Sometimes I just put it in my pocket, as it has similar thickness of a small wallet.