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Surface 3 LTE vrs Ipad 4g guess who wins?

Well it has been 10 days now of intense testing. You see I have had Ipads with Mobile cards 3G/4G/LTE since the first day they came out. (owned 15 tablets so far) .

Now I have the Surface LTE and after 20 hours of setup I am rocking! First of all I am typing on this very functional Keyboard. this alone has dramatically increased my productivity.

For the last 10 days I carried both the iPad and the Surface 3 with me, Today was the first day I left the iPad at home and did not miss it.

I did have to reboot once because the Mobile card would not fire up, but after than it was good.

On lesson I have learned is when you leave your wifi location and are switching to Mobile connection it is NOT automatic like the first version of the IPad 5.5 years ago... No today I turn off the wifi , Turn on the Mobile from the setting panel using the right swipe. Once I have done this the LTE turns on and connects.. takes about a full minuite .. so not nearly as fast as the iPad but it is still worth it to have full Windows functionality

I continue to learn and I think it will be a faster startup soon.

SO Ipad you are offically my BACKUP device. Heres hoping for a Larger 14" LTE Surface soon. :)
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