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Surface 3 LTE, how can I force the 4G/LTE network adapter to be reset?


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As a follow up of this still unanswered question...

Sometimes I do have internet for a while on the HSPA+ network on my Surface 3 LTE. However, after a while it says:"Connected, no internet" The only thing I can do to fix it in that case is to restart the tablet. In some cases that takes forever! If I try to disable the adapter and enable it again that seems to fail as well.

Last week I noticed my Surface 3 was connected to 4G/LTE and I didn't have any issues with the connectivity. However, my Lumia 950 was connected to 3G/HSPA+ and I saw the connection being lost every once in a while.

Reason for my question this time: on the Lumia 950 I saw the connection become alive again after a while. The network adapter seemed to be polling for a better connection. On the Surface 3 (as mentioned) the only thing I can do is to restart the machine. Is there a way to force the 4G/LTE network adapter in the Surface 3 to be reset? Are new network adapter drivers available perhaps?